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Tanaka Powder

Harga Pasaran RM 15.00 ( 110 gram )
** Beli Satu Percuma Satu( 40 gram )**

  • Hijau (Lemon) – sesuai untuk mencerahkan kulit,merawat jerawat kronik dankulit pucat
  • Pink (Rose) – sesuai untuk meningkatkan kolagen kulit dan merawat jeragat
  • Krim (Original) – sesuai untuk melembapkan kulit,merawat penuaan dan melembapkan kulit
  • Putih (Jasmine) – sesaui untuk merawat ruam,sesuai juga merawat ruam bayi,kulit kerin dan gatal-gatal
Bedak THANAKA diperbuat daripada kayu tanaka yg sangat berkesan untuk : -
  • Kecutkan jerawat
  • Haluskan kulit
  • Cerahkan kulit
  • Hilangkan jeragat
  • Lembutkan kulit – Menyejukkan dan mengurangkan minyak di kulit muka
  • Pelindung cahaya matahari
  • Selesaikan masalah kulit bukan sahaja di muka tapi boleh digunakan satu badan;
  • Boleh dijadikan sebagai bedak sejuk dan foundation
Tanaka Powder adalah berasal dari pokok tanaka yg digunakan oleh orang – orang Myanmar sebagai penjagaan wajah dan badan mereka dari jerawat, jeragat dan sinaran matahari.

Information about Shwe Pin Nyann Tanaka
Benefits :
  • Clears pimples, white heads,great skin cleaning agent,natural sun block,prevent wrinkles and dryness,heals itchy rashes
  • Shwe Pyi Nann Whitening Thanakha is natural Thanakha which is produced to be international standard and whitening and beautiful skin is made by natural new materials, such as lime,(Vitamin C). Myanmar Thanakha and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) produced from natural fruits that makes white and smooth skin.
Ingredients :
  • Natural grinding the bark, wood or root of Thanaka tree, lime, herbal oil, water and minerals for beautiful complexion and pinholes.Thanaka is not based on any large amount of chemicals and synthetic oils used by traditional cosmetics
Thanakha :
  • Thanakha is Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic Obtained from it’s tree. It has been used in Myanmar since PYU Period (1st to 7th centuries). The Botanical(tree) name of Thanakha is “Limonia Acidissima”. It has no chemical or synthetic mixtures that might harm your skin. It has been mixed up with essential floral and herbal oil and water.
  • Thanakha can be found in the forest as natural vegetation. But nowadays, the farmers grow up as field cultivated, a tree must be over (25) years.
  • Thanakha is also used as a combination skin conditioner, perfume and cosmetic, helps prevent pimples. Not only its bark and root but the leaves are also used as a remedy.
  • By applying regularly, the skin will become fair, smooth and soft, also can protect the skin from sunburn.Nowaday we are producing Thanakha in various forms like liquid, cream, powder cake and even perfume.
  • Thanakha is a form of Cosmetic found nowhere else in the world.Ten years old Thanakha trees can be used as medicinal Thanakha.
Direction :
  • Mix Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha with water in right proportion to become creamy and apply it on the skin to be even. Your skin will be resulted unbelievably in to beautiful complexion.
Usage :
  • Apply Shwe Pyi Nann natural whitening Thanakha evenly in night time before to bed after cleaned the face, neck, hand etc. During 45 days your skin will be whitening as natural beauty and harmless the skin.
Skin Benefits of Thanakha :
  • Thanakha is a very effective and economical beauty product. It removes pimples and acne, freckles, dry skin , wrinkled skin , promotes smooth skin, tightens open pores, gently removes blackhead and whiteheads, heals sunburn or any mild burns, removes rashes and lessens oiliness of the skin. It is a natural moisturizer.
  • By using it regularly it can entirely protects the skin not to be brown color and whiten your skin forever.

Written by : Ainie Beauty Centre Terima Kasih Di Atas Kunjungan Anda